Useful Links

Below are some useful links that you may already use or may want to check out

 E-Safety  Click to gain more information on how to keep yourself safe online

 LaunchPad 365  Click to access LaunchPad 365. 

LaunchPad365 is a Portal service that allows all students to access their school email, use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and various other applications online, access FoldR as well as access all the other web services the school uses. To sign in just use your normal school username and password on any device with a modern web browser. Should you need any further guidance or training please see the ICT Technicians in school who will gladly teach you how to use this great solution.

How to use LaunchPad 365   Click here for a guide on 'How to user LaunchPad365'

LaunchPad365 Guide to accessing Revision Materials Click here for a guide on how to access your revision materials



Youth Amplified  Click to access the Youth Amplified website